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Monday, February 1, 2010

Drummer Wanted ---- Position Filled

Drummer wanted for Auckland band.

Guitarists Christian Geese (The Blue Devil) and Matt Edwards (The Blue Devil, The M.E. Project) are sorting a drummer to join their new band, playing primarily djent style music - i.e. heavily Meshuggah influenced.

The band is located near the North Shore (Auckland) and has a basic drum kit available for use at their practice space (meaning your only need to bring you cymbals and other extras).

The main five influences of the band are:
1) Meshuggah
2) Suffocation (particularly the slow parts)
3) Pantera
4) Earth
5) Gojira

Other influences include bands such as Cilice, Opeth, Five Star Prison Cell and so forth, however those five sum up the sound pretty good.

Contact Information:
Txt Matt on 0211791577

The bands logo is above, however the name of the band is yet to be decided as the current members would prefer to wait for a drummer before committing to a name.

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